What is a good brand for wooden chess set?

wooden chess set

What is a good brand for wooden chess set?

wooden chess set is known as much for its stunning and intricate pieces as for its strategy and tactics. Even if they don’t play or don’t know how, many people have a polished wooden set in their homes. Even though the Staunton pattern has been the standard chess set for international competitions for the last 150 years, there were many other traditional styles of chess pieces used before the Staunton set became the standard, from the elegant Northern Upright pieces to the famous characters of the Isle of Lewis chess set. This article is a guide to the different brands of chess pieces and what to look out for when buying a chess set for everyday use.

All chess sets have the same basic parts (the board and all the pieces), but they are made differently and have different quality. Handmade chess sets can be made of materials like alabaster and marble, but most practical sets are made of wood or sometimes plastic, which can take a beating.

  1. Wooden Chess Set from Chess Armory

This Chess Armory wooden set is our best “all-purpose pick.” It is made of high-quality inlaid walnut and has handcrafted Staunton-style chess pieces, which are the classic pieces you are probably used to seeing.

This chess board folds inward so that the pieces can be stored. The pieces are protected by the felt lining and held in place by straps on the inside. The board is a standard 15 by 15 inches when it’s open, but when it’s folded up, it’s nice and small and easy to carry.

The hinge in the middle of the board made it a little hard to play the game, but we don’t think it’s a big deal.

Wooden Chess Set from Chess Armory

  1. Winning Moves No Stress Chess

Chess is known for being hard, and it has been played in the same ways for hundreds of years, so a beginner will have a lot to learn. This is why we made the Winning Moves teaching chess set. It has a deck of cards that explain how each piece moves, as well as an introduction to basic strategy and planning.

It’s meant to teach beginners how to play regular chess step by step. Once you understand how each piece works, you can flip the board over to the regular side and play for real. This set is great for teaching kids who want to learn to play how to play (but adults find it useful too).

With a cardboard playing surface and plastic pieces, this board is more of a teaching tool than a fancy piece of home decor. If you care more about how your chess board looks than how it works, this may not be the right set for you.

  1. Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

If you’re looking for something a little more decorative, we really like this detailed set of farm-grown wood made by hand in Poland.

The board is made of beech and birch wood, which makes it feel like a family heirloom. The chess pieces are made by hand out of hornbeam and sycamore, and each one has intricate details that make it feel like it was made just for this board.

On the practical side, this folding board has a good amount of storage space. Each chess piece can be stored in its own secure, shaped compartment. The bottoms of the pieces are made of felt, and they are weighted to protect the board and keep the pieces in place. Even with the weights, some people thought the pieces could use a little more weight (a good hack for this is to secure washers and additional felt pieces to the bottom with heavy glue).

Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

  1. Pawnson

We like that this chess set is made of wood and that it comes with an e-book of basic tactics and strategies. This makes it both a nice set to play on and show off, as well as a great way to learn the basics and get better at chess.

This set also has two extra Queen pieces so that pawns can move up, and the chessmen are held in place inside the box with plastic bands. We did notice that the pieces were very light, and some of the bottoms were a little bit uneven, which made them more likely to wobble.

  1. QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Get this QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set if you want a chess set you can take with you. This foldable chess set is small and easy to carry. It has magnetic pieces that stick to the board. Each piece is also made of high-quality plastic, which makes the game last longer. You’ll also get a travel pouch, which makes it easy to store your new chess set.

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